• Fetish Evolution Weekend 2017

    Fetish Evolution Weekend


    • 29th March 2018 - 20:00
    • Hotel Bredeney, Theodor-Althoff-Str. 5, 45133 Essen

    Fetish Evolution Weekend 2018, just like in 2011, we start the weekend on Thursday with the Fetish Evolution Kinky Cocktails.

    The official Fetish Evolution Kinky Cocktails event will be the first evening of a large an hot Fetish Weekend. Meet friends, great people, enjoy a relaxed night with cool drinks and celebrate with us.

    We have no dresscode, but of course feel free to dress up.

    Free entrance


    • 30. März - 20:00
    • Hotel Bredeney, Theodor-Althoff-Str. 5, 45133 Essen

    A popular "must", an integral part of the Fetish Evolution weekend and certainly a classic too!

    All models, photographers, artists, performers, designers, exhibitors, media people, publishers and other officials participating in the FetishEvolution Weekend are cordially invited to this VIP reception. At our Models and Makers Reception you can meet, get to know each other on the first day and have a drink in a relaxed atmosphere to arrange appointments and make clear his deals and shootings for the Fetish Evolution weekend. This is not a public event.

    Our popular Rubber Pool Party takes place as a closed event, but if you have a "Fetish Evolution Weekend VIP Deluxe Package Ticket" you are also welcome.

    Of course, the Fetish Evolution team is also present here and is pleased to welcome as many participants as possible. We are there for open questions or suggestions and look forward to a lively participation. An exclusive start with a lot of esprit.

    • Gala Fetish Evolution
    • Gala Fetish Evolution
    • Gala Fetish Evolution


    • 31st March 2018 - 20:00-22:00
    • Hotel Bredeney Restaurant, Theodor-Althoff-Str. 5, 45133 Essen

    Be part of a very special highlight with international visitors and the stars of the scene.

    For lovers of decadent fetish lifestyle, we celebrate with you a stylish fetish evening with an exellent and rich BBQ Dinner, gently Musik and soft light. Taking this meal in an extravagant and indispensable fetish outfit give this event its special erotic appeal. A dinner with a special claim.

    Nina De Lianin, meanwhile an institution of the FetishEvolution Weekend, leads amusingly and spiritually through the evening. Performances of international top stars of the fetish scene set bizarre highlights.

    The "Nuit Bizarre Dinner" is limited by the number of guests, so book your tickets early.

    Reservations can be made online via our homepage or at our information booth during the Fetish Evolution Expo.

    fter 10 pm, after dinner, the official "Fetish Evolution Nuit Bizarre Party" begins. The exclusively booked and newly remodeled club "Graey" is nearby and opens its gates for a wild party night.

    • Nuit Bizarre Party Fetish Evolution
    • Nuit Bizarre Party Fetish Evolution
    • Nuit Bizarre Party Fetish Evolution


    • 31st March 2018 - 22:00
    • Grace Jones Frohnhauser Str. 75 , 45143 Essen

    After the delicious Nuit Bizarre Dinner, the mood changes. Now it is time to celebrate!

    The exclusively booked and new renovated club "Graey" opens its doors for a wild kinky party night. Stimulating drinks, cool cocktails and vibrant music will seduce you to dance and play. There is no room for boredom here ... here enjoying your life is the measure of all things.

    Celebrate and become part of a special party highlight. Enjoy hot fetish outfits, dancing bodies, sparkling erotic and bizarre performances. Realize erotic fetish dreams and bizarre desires.

    An exhilarating night, full of playful fetish passion and frivolous eroticism. Celebrate your fetish!

    A kinky party for kinky people.

    We are looking forward to a stimulating start to a long and hot Fetish Evolution Weekend.



    Dress code

    Fetish, Latex, PVC, Leather, Show Style and Extravagance, Fantasy, Fetish Steam Punk, Fetish Goth, Fetish Glamour, Corset, Bizarre, Shiny, Lace, High Heels, Corsages, Heavy Rubber, Tuxedo or Ball Gown, BDSM, Uniforms, Masks , Burlesque, Drag, Eye Catcher, Shiny, Lascivious ......... Dress to impress !!! Streetwear and other everyday clothes are not welcome

    • Delta Fetish Evolution
    • Delta Fetish Evolution
    • Delta Fetish Evolution


    • 1st April 2018 - 21:00
    • Delta Essen, Frohnhauser Str. 75, 45143 Essen

    The “Fetish Evolution Ball” is an extravagant and shimmering fetish- and BDSM-event located in an exclusive and inspiring location.

    We’re going to meet at Easter Sunday at the “Delta” in Essen to celebrate the main event of this year’s Fetish Evolution Weekend. After spending the day at the “High Gloss Fashion Art Expo”, the highlight of the weekend is going to last until early morning. A shiny peak for a shiny weekend. Several thousand square meters of this special location are transformed into a glittering world of metal and glass which will invite you to follow your boldest fetish dreams and desires.

    Delta FetishEvolution

    Perfect sound, sparkling light, several dance areas with different music styles, a large interactive stage and fantastic decoration mingled with cold steel and an unique industrial ambience link themselves together to an unique atmosphere that everybody has to experience themselves. Simply observe or be part of the colourful hustle and bustle around you, celebrate together with beautiful guests from all over the world and get lost in the moment.

    “Dress to impress” is not only a saying here but a appreciated expectation. The “Fetish Evolution Ball” thrives on its guests, so have fun and help us create this evening with your presence.

    Delta FetishEvolution

    We are proud to announce performances of elaborate and lavish fashion shows presented by the crème de la crème of international models and designers. The stage will be transformed into one long catwalk. Watch beautiful models wearing outrageous fetish couture designed by talented designers.

    Delta FetishEvolution

    Observe bizarre fetish and BDSM performances and exotic show highlights. There will be several side acts as well to accentuate the mood. If you want tointensify your evening, you can use the SM-furniture at the big play-hall. Try the designs of “Style Fetish” and explore your personal desires and limits.

    DJs at Fetish Evolution Ball 2018

    • MISS CLEOPATRA (Model & Djane)

      MISS CLEOPATRA (Model & Djane)

      Eine total verspielte Berlinerin am DJ Pult, ihre fetten Beats lassen Euch über die Tanzflächen fliegen und richtig abdancen. Sie umarmt Euch mit einem elektronischen Musikspiel der Extraklasse.


      hr Kinky Passion könnt ihr nicht nur hören sondern auch sehen wenn Miss Cleopatra am DJ Pult rockt dann nur mit extravaganten Fetish Outfits, kombiniert was die Fetish Couture so bietet.

      Referenzen: Berlin, Zürich, Bern //Torture Ship /Atlantis Bizarre /Carpe Noctem

      Mehr Infos auf www.facebook.com/djanecleopatra


      CON TACTO Für einige ist es nur die Musik, aber für Ihn ist es mehr. Es ist Leidenschaft, die seinen Erdball zum Drehen bringt und sein Herz schneller schlagen lässt! Anfang 2013 legte CON TACTO (zu deutsch: taktvoll) sich das erste Equipment zu und begann mit Hilfe seines bereits erfolgreichen DJ Freundes Stephan Fischer, seine neu-entdeckte Leidenschaft auszuleben. Im August 2013 schickte Stephan seinen "Lehrling" endlich vor das große Publikum und im September feierte er sein erstes großes Booking beim "Freilicht-Spektakel" neben Pig & Dan. Seit dem genoss CON TACTO gigantische Erfolge und bespielte zahlreiche Tanzflächen in Deutschland wie auch Europa. Im November 2014 schaffte er den Sprung zum " Resident DJ " der in Köln, seit 10 Jahren etablierten Party "WE LOVE AFTERHOUR“. Im Dezember 2014 feierte er seine erste EP `First Contact` und arbeitet schon fleissig an den nächsten Tracks. Ab Februar 2015 startete CON TACTO mit 2 eingenen Show`s " IN CONTACT " und " #afterhouers " auf HFM Ibiza Radio. Im August 2015 gründete er mit seinen beiden Dj Kollegen TEZZ MUKKE & DANi VEGAS die „PIRATES OF COLOGNE“ die seit dem mit Ihren einzigartigen Tunnel- und Underground-Partys nicht mehr aus Köln wegzudenken sind. September 2015 schaffte er den Sprung auch live auf die Insel, wo er die älteste Strandbar auf Ibiza, das legendäre „BORA BORA“ rockte. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MLoDacg2gk) Ende 2016 sprang er dann endgültig auf den Zug der seit 23 Jahren in Köln bekannten „GREEN KOMM“, von der er seitdem ein fester Bestanteil ist. Deep House, Progressive House, Tech-House und Minimal/Techno bestimmen das Repertoir von CON TACTO und mit seinen Sets möchte er die Tanzenden auf eine Klangreise besonderer Art mitnehmen. Glückliche Gesichter sind sein größter Lohn und die Vorfreude auf viele weitere schöne Momente treiben ihn immer und immer weiter an.

      STEPHAN FISCHER Am 4.2.2006 begann für den sympathischen Rheinländer ,Stephan Fischer, die Reise in die Welt der elektronischen Musik. Kurz darauf entstand der Entschluss selber mit dem Auflegen anzufangen. Durch die Geschäftsbeziehung mit einem Veranstalter bekam er die gelegenheit,auf dem CSD-Paradewagen der Party-Pikant aufzulegen. Und...Blut geleckt. Eine Woche später stand er schon auf der Animal-House Partyreihe im Kölner Lauschgift hinter den Plattentellern, die er ab diesem Tag 1,5 Jahre begleitete. Seine Fähigkeiten unter Beweis stellen konnte er bereits auf der Amnesia-World-Tour 2007, dem Schlaflos, Elektroküche, TripleA, Teatro, Nightcontrol, KinkyBeats, Selection-Zürich, bis hin zur legendären Greenkomm im Kölner Nachtflug und dem Melusina in Luxemburg. Die Decks teilte er sich in dieser kurzen Zeit bereits mit : Oliver Klein, Tube&Berger, Hardy Heller, Oliver Hess, Markus Wesen, Toni Vargas,Björn Mandry, Chriss Source uvm. Stilistisch bewegt sich Stephan in allen Spielarten der elektronischen Musik. Von Techno,über Minimal bis hin zu Progressive. Hauptsache treibend und melodisch,aber nicht zu verspielt. Ein Set von Stephan ist immer ein individueller Cocktail aus Verstand und Gefühl, immer im Blick, dem Publikum viel Spass zu bereiten.
    • Statik Sky

      Statik Sky
      More at https://www.facebook.com/STATIK.SKY.NL/

    • Fetish Brunch Fetish Evolution
    • Fetish Brunch Fetish Evolution
    • Fetish Brunch Fetish Evolution


    • 2. April 2018 - 8:00 - 13:00
    • Hotel Bredeney, Theodor-Althoff-Str. 5, 45133 Essen

    Easter Monday, the morning after the big Fetish Evolution Ball, we start with an extensive Fetish breakfast in the Hotel Bredeney. After an amazing party weekend and a great party night, our long breakfast is always a blessing.

    Dine together in calm, intensify freshly knotted contacts or find other like-minded people while enjoying an excellent meal - so you can start the day here relaxed in a pleasant atmosphere and perhaps you will continue with a wellness day.

    Who knows - maybe plans for the barbecue and the pool party in the evening will develop ...


    • 2. April 2018 - 19:00
    • Hotel Bredeney, Theodor-Althoff-Str. 5, 45133 Essen

    In the evening, we will end the brilliant fetish weekend with a "Chill Out BBQ Dinner" and another pool party in fetish style. In the bistro "Le Bisou" cool cocktails are served, which fit perfectly to the delicacies from the grill.

    After the hot fetish BBQ, we meet to cool down in the pool area which is visually and acoustically staged with light and sound.

    Wear your latex outfits again and go "for" a swim, relax or simply party with your friends.

    NOf course, Hermann the Flamingo and Else the Unicorn will join us in the pool

    Even when the name is chill out, it is fun and hot too.

    Our DJs will give everything again. All Guests and even the hotel employees can`t resist the pool flair and jump into it.

    Let us review the past few days together, enjoy the last hours in the fetish universe and make plans for new ventures.

    When the last evening of the "Fetish Evolution Weekend" comes to an end, it is time to wait until we meet again. Because that is definitely the Easter weekend 2019.




    Fetish, latex, show pool-worthy extravagance, corset, bizarre, high heels, corsets, heavy rubber, masks, eye catcher, playful pleasure, joy in good mood and fetish passion among friends

  • Program 2018

    • Thursday, 29th March

      • 21:00
      • -

      Friday, 30th March

      • 20:00
      • MODELS & MAKERS VIP Reception
      • Hotel Bredeney, Restaurant
      • 21:00
      • Hotel Bredeney, Pool

      Saturday, 31th March

      • 11:00
      • FetishEvolution EXPO & Art Bizarre Tag 1
      • Hotel Bredeney, Kongressbereich
      • 22:00
      • Graey, Zweigertstr 10-12, 45130 Essen

      Sunday, 1th April

      • 12:00
      • FetishEvolution EXPO & ArtBizarre Tag 2
      • Hotel Bredeney, Kongressbereich
      • 21:00
      • Delta, Frohnhausenerstr. 75, 45143 Essen

      Monday, 2th April

      • 19:00
      • Chill OUT BBQ
      • Hotel Bredeney, Restaurant
      • 21:00
      • Hotel Bredeney, Pool
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