• Luci Fallen

    • CountryU.K.
      Hair ColorRed / Orange / Yellow
      Eye ColorBlue
      Dress-size EU34/36
      Shoe Size37
    • Breast32inc
      PiercingsNavel, ears
      TattoosPelvis, right foot/ankle, left thigh, right ribs,

    Why do you like to wear Latex?I love the feel and texture of it, how it shapes to the contours of my body and how it makes me look
    How did you get into modeling?I was a musician first and just fell into modelling by chance
    What are your greatest successes as a model until now?Being on the cover of Bedeseme magazine; walking at events like Torture Garden, Avantgardista and Rubbercult

    • Luci Fallen
    • Luci Fallen
    • Luci Fallen
    • Luci Fallen
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