• Kitty CÄT

    • CountryGermany
      Hair ColorSchwarz/Braun
      Eye ColorBlau
      Dress-size EU36/38
      Shoe Size40
    • Breast75c
      TattoosOberer Rücken, Arme, Hüfte, Bein, WadeI love the

    Why do you like to wear Latex?I love the material, it always feels fantastic. There are so many great outfits you can not show in fabric
    How did you get into modeling?At 18, a friend, he is photographer, has taken just for fun pictures of me. That's how it all started.
    What are your greatest successes as a model until now?My greatest successes? Fetish Evolution 2018J
    Where can we see more of you? At the moment I do not take care of my Modelpage. My private page can be found below: www.instagram.com

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    Kitty CÄT - Fetish Evolution Weekend 2016