• Marion Feline

    • CountryGermany
      Hair ColorGinger
      Eye Colorgreen
      Dress-size EU36-38
      Shoe Size37
    • Breast75 D
      Tattoosseveral Tats on arms, back, leg, belly, feet

    Why do you like to wear Latex?I love the feel and look of latex on my skin. The feeling of beeing naked without actually really beeing it.
    How did you get into modeling?Actually getting into modelling wasn't very spectacular. Initially I wanted to have photos for myself. Finally they became so beautiful, that I felt ready to open an account on modelkartei.de to share them. That was the beginning.
    What are your greatest successes as a model until now?Definately it was my first walk on the FE 2014 for the label Savage Wear. Beeing for the first time on the catwalk and the feeling when everything went as I expected!
    Where can we see more of you? www.facebook.com

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