• Zara DuRose

    • CountryEngland
      Hair ColorNatural Redhead
      Eye ColorGreen
      Dress-size EU36
      Shoe Size38
    • Breast30 UK
      Piercingsears, belly button
      Tattoosleft wrist small flowers, right side medium design

    Why do you like to wear Latex?I adore latex because of its tight natural & second skin feeling. The smell and shine make the perfect outfit. I've been wearing latex for 10 years & my collection is always growing. It's the kind of fabric that can transform you & make you feel like a different person/character.
    How did you get into modeling?I begun amateur shoots when I was 18 & when I was 23 I started adult filming & fetish work. I now run my own members website & work for many big companies in the adult industry.

    • Zara DuRose
    • Zara DuRose
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