• Sabien DeMonia

    • CountryUnited Kingdom
      Hair ColorRed
      Eye ColorHazel
      Dress-size EU12
      Shoe Size5.5
    • Breast34G
      TattoosChest, back, arms, hips, right foot, hands, neck

    Why do you like to wear Latex?Latex is like my second skin that’s why I love wearing it on the most occasions possible
    How did you get into modeling?It was pure accident. I did family shoot and when few photographers saw it I’ve been asked to do professional shoot and here I am, 8 years later ;)
    What are your greatest successes as a model until now?I’ve been taking part in cat walks on all major UK fetish and tattoo events (Torture Garden, Club Antichrist, Great British Tattoo Show, Scottish Tattoo Convention, London Tattoo Convention and many more), I had so far around 10 magazine covers, been published all over the world (my latest publication is in German Tattoo Erotica). I will be taking part in this year Montreal Fetish Week
    Where can we see more of you? www.facebook.com

    • Sabien DeMonia
    • Sabien DeMonia
    • Sabien DeMonia
    • Sabien DeMonia
    • Sabien DeMonia
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